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I am definitely finding it a lot easier than the other system in the market. Thanks for making this so easy.

Tracy, Sydney.
Owner of Asian Holiday Australia, New Zealand and China
Travel Management System

AdPaholic TMS™ is a secure & comprehensive on-line travel management system that manages the complexities of international travel preparation, coordination, tracking and monitoring of travel to sensitive parts of the globe and applies the 'Safe Return' process approach.

Some Key Features of AdPaholic TMSTM:

Configurable to match organization's foreign travel program
Build in and manage travel policy compliance
Traveler portal for up to date information
Secure traveler profile information
Online retrieval of Iterniary, reservations,etc records

 Values and Benefits of using AdPaholic TMSTM:

It reduces cost of personnel travel associated with poor coordination (Minimize abortive costs)
Provides a database of personnel location and contact information for   emergency response management
Provides cost tracking mechanism for travel (flights, hotel, car rentals)
It is up to date & validated by the user
It provides database for PPE requirements
Reduces administration costs
    - Provides visibility for travel coordinator
    - Less mistakes with less paperwork
Efficient administrative process



Easy to use, save cost, save time,...etc!